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Coronado Springs Resort Refurbished Room 2018

We got to stay in a refurbished room at the Coronado Springs Resort in late July 2018.

The area we were in is known as Casitas 2.   Casitas 2 is closer to the main building, as preferred, but starting to get a little further away.  Not as far as the other areas. From what I can tell these areas were the first to be refurbished as the resort is still going through the existing room refurbishment.

The entire resort is getting its own extreme makeover. Besides the guest rooms, the common areas and restaurants are getting a new look as well as the pool area later this year.  In addition they are  building a brand new 15 story tower with new rooms as well.  The theme is the southwest.  They are toning down the heavy theme and making the rooms more upscale for the heavy convention clientele as this has one of the largest convention areas on property.

In our eyes they did a great job! Very updated, modern but a hint of theme and not over the top. The use of granite topped furniture and bathroom counter added an extra deluxe touch to this moderate resort. The removal of carpet adds to the look with the great design.  Also the high beds allow for the extra storage of your luggage! Plenty of drawers, closet and toiletry space.

Let’s take a tour through the room.
Overall room shots:

Dressing area behind the great barn doors:

Bathroom area:

Take a good look at the floor of the shower. Slanted to stop the flood of water that sometimes occurs on the bathroom floor.

The Three Caballeros are within the room.

The room had plenty of lights to keep it bright and not dark like some older resorts. Plus, plenty of electrical outlets and USB connections.

Also notice the Keurig machine...

We give this room a major two thumbs up!

When the resorts full refurbishment is complete this will be a great place to stay overall, but the current construction did not hinder our stay.  (Keep in mind the main pool area will be closed for the second half of 2018.)
New Tower under construction


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