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Mariner Of The Seas - July 2018

Mariner Of The Seas - July 2018

We were on our first Royal Caribbean Cruise on Mariner Of The Seas back in August
2007.  When we heard she was getting a $120 million dollar refurbishment and coming back to America, (she’s been in China for many years) this was a great opportunity to revisit her!   So we booked for July 2018 and we are very excited to try her out again and see all the new WOWs!

Many new WOWs are planned for the new and refurbished ships.  Mariner added the following:

  • Skypad (bungee trampoline)
  • Flow rider
  • Perfect Storm Waterslides
  • Playmakers Sports Bar and Arcade
  • Jaimes Italian Restaurant 
  • Izumi sushi and Hibachi 
  • Bamboo Room- Polynesian style bar
  • Battle for Planet Z- laser tag tag
  • The Observatorium- Puzzle Break Escape Room
  • Starbucks at Sea
Looking forward to seeing it all!


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