Thanks for finding me and joining me at my new little blog. I've always thought about starting a blog, but didn't really have the time, direction and motivation. {actually I have started a few, but didn't actually go anywhere with them, but that's another story...}

Over the years I have used and read many blogs, forums, etc. to get information and found many "experts" along the way. Some of those "experts" I have totally agreed with, others I didn't seem to agree with at all. Let's face it, there really is no right way or wrong way to do anything in life. Everyone is different and what works for one may not work for the other. I'm not going to claim to be an expert. My point in this is just to share things from my point of view, and hopefully the point of view of some of my family members (if they are willing to join me).

I love to cruise, and my family tries to take at least one cruise a year. We live in Central Florida and are huge Disney Geeks. This blog is going to include our thoughts and comments on the vacations we take, the time we spend in the parks as well as my thoughts on any news and information relating to our vacation preferences.

I am also going to fill in the blanks and talk about vacations we have taken, and what we liked (or didn't like) on previous vacations.

Welcome aboard. Hope your enjoy our journey.

Mrs. Vacationista

Mariner of the Seas Live Blog: Day 2- Coco Cay

The Mariner of the Seas arrived at Coco Cay at 7 am today. We all knew this would be  hard to do, so we aimed to be on the tender at 8:30 am.  As mentioned, we had a bungalow reserved, so there was no need to rush.
We headed down to the gangway and got right on the tender. Waited for some people to fill it up and then headed over. Nice and sunny outside. When we arrived at the island of Coco Cay the skies opened up to a rain shower. Oh no!  We waited less than 5 minutes for it to pass and headed for the private tram to the South Beach Bungalows and beds.

Upon arrival, we all got our VIP wristbands and headed to our bungalow! It was an open air covered area with a couch, 2 loungers, 2 mats, water, and beverage service if needed for the usual fees.
We all settled in fast and some of us went to explore and walk on the beach while others got right down to relaxing!

We met an Iguana ....

and then encountered two more 5 min rain showers.  They were actually very large windy squalls that were strong, soaked everything and moved on. We did have shelter so that helped, but the sideways rain doesn’t care much about shelter. Lol. Glad these two were 5 min!

The sun appeared and dried out all the rain (he he) for the rest of the day!  Turned out to be a spectacular day.  Breezy, sunny and enjoyable. We all rested, went snorkeling, floated on mats, read books and played in the sand!

Just before 12:00 our group received our lunch!  Delivered to our bungalow as ordered.
It turned the normal basic beach barbecue into a bit extra than just the basics. Best part, we did not have to walk to the buffet! Ultimately it was still the normal type of island food. Nothing extra fancy.

After lunch, we spent more time doing the same as before!

Sun and Fun!

We left the island and got back about 3pm to shower and relax.  Some of us did not apply enough sunscreen and got extra red.  Whoops! All good.  Aloe Vera was brought to soothe.

At 6pm we went to the dining room and had great meals and conversation.
Most of the table had the Beef Tenderloin which was great. Many desserts for all, but the main dessert I loved was the Grand Marnier Soufflé. Superb! I could have eaten that all night!

8:30 was the Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers show called Gateway to Dreams.  Great show with various songs that were weaved together to four destinations of Europe, Morocco, old west and Russia. Enjoyable show!

Then, most went to bed after the sun and fun day that can sure cause you to be tired!

I explored the ship at night to check out the venues and get some steps in!

Random observations:

  • Coco Cay will be transformed into “Perfect Day at Coco Cay” next year. Construction is going on now to include a pier to dock! No tendering as of late this year!  Yeah! The construction did not cause any issues with our day at all.
  • Don’t forget to ask pply sunscreen often!  2 or 3 times is not always enough when in the water!
  • The Bungalow was well worth the extra price!  The private area that was quiet and relaxing was awesome! Keep watching for sale pricing!
Tomorrow is a port day in Nassau.  Otherwise known to us as a quiet ship day!  Yeah!

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