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Disney Fantasy Day 3

    Day 3- 4/30/12
    Grand Cayman

    Monday started out with Room Service to wake us up to see more characters.  Kara was ready and got to see  Jake - the Neverland Pirate and Daisy.  She was definitely on the tired side and did not want to see Lilo and Stitch who she was originally also interested in. She did also get to see Max (Goofy's son) while waiting for Daisy.  She was first in line!

    Since Kara was a little tired and didn't want to continue with any other Characters, we did a few more stops with the Muppet midship detective agency. It's cute and they tied it in with the cruise ship itself. 

        While we were around the ship, the rest  of the Castaways had breakfast in Cabanas.

        Then we headed back to the room as we could see Kara needed to be "forced" somehow into a nap before the big afternoon at the boutique.  We started watching Enchanted on the TV in the room, which Kara recently became in love with as her new "goto" movie at home. She tried stalling and saying she was not sleepy, but actually fell asleep at 11:30.   Rachel got time to read, something she hasn't had time to do in a long time. David watched the behind the scenes videos of the Fantasy on the demand channel while Kara was sleeping right on his side. 

        She awoke about two hours later and we knew Kara needed some food.   We were going to order room service, but they said it would be about 30-40 minutes which we did not have. We ran to Cabanas.  We met the whole gang there after we started our lunch. Turns out they were all hanging out on the deck four promenade relaxing as well. 

        At 2:00 it was time to start walking to our 2:15 appointment for Kara at the Bibiddi Bobbidi Boutique.

        We walked in and were surprised to see that no one else was there!  Yesterday, when we went to confirm her appointment, It was body to body with no room to move in the boutique. Well, it turns out that Kara was the only appointment at the time, as everyone else was off the ship in Grand Cayman.

        As expected, this was a "unique to the Fantasy experience" as Kara was made up to be a princess in the minnie costume we got yesterday.   Which is exclusive to DCL.

        Kara seemed to really love it.  Of course she is very shy, which caused her to not be very outspoken, but our fairy god mother in training  was awesome and kept her engaged in conversation. Kara was transformed into a princess right before our very eyes.  She had her hair, face and nails done. It was a great experience.

        Afterwards we took pictures in the boutique with the princess and grandma & Larry and mommy & daddy and Jeannie & Paul.

         We then took Princess Kara around the ship to the atrium and Europa for princess pictures.  It was a great afternoon of princess pics!

        We had the funniest thing happen while going through Europa.  Paul saw a door switch and then thought he had to press it while we were walking to open the door.  Unbeknownst to us he pressed the button  and then the alarm started blaring alerting that the fire emergency door was about to shut.   It then closed on us and we were hysterically laughing that he did this.  Thankfully we were all on the same side of the door.  We walked to the tube nightclub and then security came to us and said all was ok.  Not to worry. This was very funny....  Paul unfortunately, will never live this down. Lol.   He honestly, in his head, thought he needed to press  this button. :)

        We then continued on our quest for great pics and rock n roll music video scenes!  We were able to take over the cafe. :)

        We also headed up to the deck 11 for everyone to get ice cream at Fro-zone  (Soft serve cones)!

        After that, we headed with Kara and Jeannie to get more face time and pics with the characters...
        • Snow white and Dopey
        • Peter Pan
        • Tinkerbell
        • Alladin, Genie and Jeannie

        • We took pictures at the statue with Kara and at the "lifestyles" area.  (p.s. these pics of Kara came out so unbelievable.   They really captured the princess!  We loved the photographer.  She has been so great with Kara and taking more than just the standard pics...)

        Everyone went to go get dressed and ready for dinner and fun. Roberta and Larry & Arl and Wil headed to the magic show at the Walt Disney Theater and really enjoyed it.  Tons of fun.  
        We walked around with Kara and ran up to the top deck to get sunset pics and played a round of Goofy's mini golf.

        We all met outside the Enchanted Garden.   Checked out the pictures we took earlier at the photo kiosk they have outside the restaurant and they came out GREAT!

        Dinner at Enchanted Garden was enjoyable.   I ate prime rib and some chicken that Roberta had on the side. Kara had Mac n cheese which was Disney Tasty!  Rachel had the prime rib as well.

        After, Kara slept at Grandma and Grandpas.  It took a while to get her there as she is real clingy tonight, but it happens.  She went after some time and slept well.   "Mom and Dad" checked out the nightlife on the ship and yawned.  Yawned because we were so tired, not because of the ship or the nightlife. So sad that we were so tired, but we got started real late.  

        Back at the room, earlier, Rachel hung up Karas Birthday banner.  Our stateroom hostess, Angelina, made a great towel birthday cake for her.  It was so cool.  Kara loved it.  (Angelina's daughter was born May 10, 2008.  Wow what a coincidence.)

        We also asked her to lower the bed from the ceiling so we can see it.  Very nice of her to do so.  They have a great ceiling with stars and they make shapes of Perer Pan, Wendy, Michael, John and Tinkerbell from Peter Pan movie.

      Official Shutters Picture count at end of day- 188

      Sleep tight.  Tomorrow is day 4.  Costa Maya.  Click here for Day 4
      (Today's Navigators below:)


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