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Disney Fantasy Day 7

Day 7 - 5/4
Castaway Cay

The name Castaway Cay should say it all...
We woke up and got ready to go to the Island.

All ashore was just before 9:30 am and we headed right out.  The entire Royal Castaway group rented Cabana #5. (thank you Rachel!   It was not available due to our late booking of the cruise and then low and behold, it opened up!  YEAH!)
We arrived at the Cabana and immediately loved the location.  Our last Cabana was #11 and we loved it too and thought it was the perfect location!  But this was closer to the main food and bathroom areas.   As well as having beach chairs and loungers right in front of the Cabana.   Close to the free tubes and rafts as well.  The view was awesome as well.  Right beyond a full palm tree was the ship directly ahead.

Pictures just can't do this day any justice.
The cabana is fully stocked with water, soda, fruit, chips, granola bars, cold washcloths, sand toys, suntan lotion, loungers, covered cabana with fan, safe and a hammock and water shower outside to rinse off.
We all started the days activities by taking a group picture and by hitting the beach.  Sunning, sandcastle making, taking pictures, floating on tubes. Hard work for the Castaways.

About noon ish we all headed to Cookies Too to have our barbecue lunch and bring it back to the Cabana.  It was hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, Mahi Mahi, fruits and tons of other sides as well as the Big Island Chocolate Chip Cookie!
After lunch more of the same as before.  Each castaway relaxed in their own way.

We then unfortunately had to pack it in at about 4 and start the journey back to the Fantasy. We bought a few things at the shop and took the tram back. 
Back on the ship, it was time to leave for Port Canaveral.  Boo.

After cleaning up, Kara and David headed to the last show: an unforgettable Journey. It was good and enjoyable but more of a conglomeration of songs about the great week we had.  Kara was so tired she fell asleep. Totally understandable for her age.  At the same time the rest of the gang packed and got ready to put suitcases out after dinner.

Roberta and Larry's phone was found.  Someone turned it into guest services and they brought it right to the room.  Yeah!

We then did last look around the stores and picked up our castaway cay purchases.
Headed to the last dinner in Enchanted Garden for the "See ya real soon" dinner.

David had  pineapple slices, caesar salad, beef Wellington, and for dessert baked Alaska and strawberry Celebration cake.   Kara had chicken fingers, Mac and cheese and broccoli.  Rachel had caesar salad and slow roasted breast of chicken with chocolate decadence cake for dessert.

After dinner it was time to finish packing and get the luggage out.    Then the Banwers and Roberta and David headed to shutters to look at the remaining pics.  Rachel got a call that the photo CD's were ready so David picked them up along with some other pictures to pick up.

A stop at guest services... Then after dropping Paul on Deck 8, we went to see the almost full moon and get some pics.  It's gonna be the largest all year tomorrow.

Then we had a pizza slice and a drink at Flo's.

After dropping off Roberta on deck 8, Jeannie and David took remaining pics of the ship with Roger Rabbit and Mr. Big Ears.   This was Mr. Big Ears second trip away from home and is sure spoiled.   Looking forward to many more years of adventures with him!

It was a great trip and the Royal Castaways have a lot of new memories!
Ending total picture count for Shutters photos:  285 (turns out to be $1.02 a picture!  You can not beat that for professional cruise pictures.....  All the Royal Castaways get their professional ship shots digitally as well as a majority that got printed.)

Total Royal Castaway personal picture and video counts:
Rachel and David: 2635 pictures (not counting video files)  @ 7.54gb
Jeannie and Paul: 1716 pictures @ 5.02gb
Roberta and Larry: 499 pictures @3.43gb
Arl and Wil: 331 pictures @710mb

Wow!  That is a lot of pictures!   Go Royal Castaways!   What would we have ever done without digital cameras.

Time for sleep now.  Tomorrow is departure day.  Is there any way to do a back to back cruise now?  Please?  :)

The End 
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